How to Network at WCX

Before you book your tickets and choose your technical program, figure out why you are attending. Are you seeking new job opportunities? Looking for inspiration from industry leaders? Generating more customers for your company? What outcomes will make your trip a success?

Once you have that nailed down, you’ll be able to work backward and schedule your time at WCX to meet your objectives. Research presenters and exhibitors prior to the event to ensure that you interact with the attendees that you would most like to meet. And be sure you keep some time open for conversation with the other industry luminaries you’re bound to meet. Follow WCX on social media for updates on who will be in attendance.

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Events & Activities

Depending on your objective for attending, WCX offers opportunities to learn about the latest innovations, open your mind to what is on the horizon, meet potential employers at the career fair, and engage with your peers in social settings.

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