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April 10
Catharsis vs Consequences: Human Agency in the Age of Autonomy

Alex Roy, Outlaw Driver and Author

Automotive Cyber: A Teaspoon or a Tablespoon of Paranoia?

Doug Britton, Kaprica Security

What Will It Take to Trust an Autonomous Vehicle?

Matt Yurdana, UX Intel

Powering a New Mobility Ecosystem

Matt Jones, Hyperloop One

Break TBD Artificial Intelligence

Maarten Sierhuis, Nissan Motors

On-Demand Air Transport

Brian Yutko, Aurora

Pivoting to the Next: An Automotive Future

Sang-Ik (Matthew) Kim, Accenture

April 11
From Concept to Reality: How I Built a Motorsports Venue Against All Odds

Brad Oleshansky, M1 Concourse

The Third Wave of the Internet and What that Means to the Automobile

Phill Lawson-Shanks, Edge Connex

Designing Interiors in an Autonomous Vehicle Future

Nick Petouhoff, Adient

Data Driven: The Future of Mobility

Stephen Zoepf, Stanford

Break Autonomous Ships

Oskar Levander, Rolls Royce

How the Vertical Integration of Fuel and Vehicle Manufacturing Helped Nikola Motor Company Push Hydrogen into the Mainstream

Trevor Milton, Nikola One

Welcome to the Holodeck

Elizabeth Baron, Ford

Virtual Reality

Matthew Noyes, Johnson Space Center

April 12
What do Autonomous Vehicles Mean for Regulation?

Nat Buese, US Department of Transportation

Rear Ended in the Rinse Cycle (and Other Places)

Derek Kaufman, The Car Wash Association

Game Theory and Self-Driving Vehicles

Adam Millard-Ball, UC Santa Cruz

Kirigami Optics – The Pathway to Flat LIDARs

Nick Kotov, University of Michigan

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For Attendees

Broaden your scope of knowledge by hearing ground-breaking insight from thought leaders about the future of mobility in a relaxed environment on the Exhibition Floor. These short, impactful presentations are designed to engage the audience and challenge traditional thinking and outlooks on technologies. Bring your questions! Speakers will participate in a Q&A and networking period following the talks.

WCX17 Tech Hub

An interview with 2017 Tech Hub presenter Megan Neese of Nissan North America Inc., who discussed “The Future Is Now: How a New Definition of Product has Transformed our Innovation Process.”

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2017 Tech Hub Highlights

The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, connectivity, and the quest to build “smart” technology were well represented in the WCX17 Tech Hub. Presenters from a range of backgrounds brought cutting-edge perspectives on what these and other emerging technologies mean for the mobility industry.

  • Automated Driving/Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence and Mobility
  • Wearable/Collaborative Robotics
  • Future Visions
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United States Army

The Army, and more specifically our automotive research center, TARDEC, relies upon our relationships with the technical experts and engineers like those we encounter at the SAE World Congress Tech Hub. These relationships that we come here to develop and nurture help to bring the latest technologies to the Warfighter, enabling adaptive, flexible, modular and smart capabilities in our vehicle for our leaders in the field.

Paul Decker, National Automotive Center (NAC), External Business Office, US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center (TARDEC) -